Day 2

Breakfast - special k crackers and hummus.....I STILL DON'T HAVE CEREAL OK!!!
Lunch - Herb Baked Chicken (which was heaven in my mouth), mini carrots, string beans, apple
Snack - 2 fig newtons and a carton of fat free milk
Dinner - Rueben with no sauerkraut and little dressing, carrots
Snack - apple
Water - drumroll please............8 glasses!

Exercise:  Danced arond my room for a good hour

Day 2

Today was muuuch better!

Breakfast- small bowl of cinnamon life
Lunch- Homemade cheeseburger with corn
Dinner- Chicken, rice, and green beans
Total glasses of water: 8
Other beverages: One glass of milk

Exercise: Danced for half an hour, lifted weights, and walked around HCC for a while.

Feeling much better about today!

Day 1

Okay, so I wasn't the best today either.
Breakfast- One cup of coffee and a small bowl of frosted flakes.
Lunch- Multigrain pita with one slice of cheese, ham, roast beef and yellow mustard.
One slice of cheesecake (ugggggh)
Dinner- Pita with sauteed hamburger.
8 total glasses of water
30 minutes of dancing in my livingroom

I'm pretty exhausted and looking foreward to day 2. I currently weigh: 170 LBS

Day 1

Oh boy. OK so!
Breakfast: Hummus and crackers ......I know this sounds strange but I ran out of cereal! And I had half a glass of arizona tea and a bottle of water
Lunch: Subway - 6" grilled chicken with marinara sauce and provolone cheese on wheat.
Dinner: OK SO DON'T GET MAD!!!! But Axel and I went to Panera Bread. I had half of a turkey bacon bravo and tomato soup........sorry!

I DID WORKOUT THO!!!!!!! I went to the gym and went on the tredmill at the incline of 7 at 3.7 speed for 30 minutes! Then I did my ab machine, drove home, and did my weights and stuff.

1. February 1-8

Good morning ladies! It looks like it's just the 3 of us this time around but that means we'll be able to establish a more comfortable and trusting relationship with one another. So, without any hesitation, let me start by posting our goals this week.

1. Eliminate any soda or high-calorie juices/beverages from our diet. Women have the tendency to hold sugars and fats in our bodies without being able to properly process them as energy. By eliminating this simple beverage, you'll start to feel more energized and less likely to have the "afternoon crash" so many of us experience.

2. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday for the next week. Woman's bodies are about 90 percent water. The energy we need during the day should come from natural electrolites that water provides. Plus, if you're constantly drinking water, your body is constantly flushing out toxins that may be keeping some of the weight on. In the first week, drinking a lot of water should help you lose a bunch of water weight.

3. Any exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, every day this week. I know our schedules are busy, especially those of us working more than one job, but I know if you're dedicated you can take a half our out of your day to either go for a walk, do a work-out tape, maybe hit the gym? Hell, dance around your room for half an hour. Your body needs to get into the habit of being active so that your metabolism works on a regular basis.

Our goal this week is to drop 5 pounds. That's all. If you follow those three steps I listed above, it shouldn't be hard at all. This is the week to get you ready for the next few months. Every week the goals will increase, even if the weight-loss decreases. Be aware that in the begining, you will lose weight quickly because your bodies may not be used to the sudden diet change. However; as time progresses you will start to gain muscle which may or may not add to your weight. We'll take it step by step and see where it takes us.

Every day I'd like you to post what you ate for the day, how many glasses of water you drank, and on the first and last day of every week post your weight.
In order to make this work ladies, it will take commitment. If you ever feel discouraged, PLEASE TALK TO US. That's why we are here, we want to make this a comfortable for you as we can.
I'll post my current stats in another entry. Here's to week 1 ladies, and if you have any questions just leave a comment.


The challenge

Hi. My name is Chelsey and Ill be 20 in March. I'm sad to say that I am horribly overweight. I have joined because I want to lose the rest of this weight off hopefully in 4 months. Because I need to be skinny for my role in "Give My Regards To Broadway!" Woohoo! I am supposed to potray a broadway chorus girl who is not to intellegent. But I also have sing and dance in this play.....and I don't think see a fat girl on stagge will be to pleasing. And not to mention that I would be so embarassed. I started excersing and dieting in October. I started at being 248lbs and currently I have lost 39lbs!SO here is my info and I'm ready to go!

Highest Weight: 252
Current weight: 209
Goal weight loss: 70lbs
Pant Size: ????? I really don't know anymore. Maybe 18. 16 if I'm lucky.


Hello Everyone! Welcome to the community where you'll receive tips, support, and all of the help you need to becoming as healthy and in shape as you want! This isn't some miracle plan or diet system to make you drop 40LBS in a week, it's simply a place where you can feel comfortable about talking about your health, and what you'd like to do to improve it.

I've done this before and it fell through because my schedule was always so busy. Now, however, I am done with school and with work being the only pressing thing on my plate, I'd like to devote my extra time and energy to getting in shape and helping other people as well.

I sort of want to make this a contest that will run from February 1st to June 1st. 4 months to see how dedicated you can stay and what sorts of results we can see in a 4 month period. I am starting now because it's a lifestyle I'd like to adapt to (and if you do as well, that's great!) But I'd really like to help all of the members on their journeys as well. So I'll start by listing my goals.

Current weight: 170lbs
Height: 6'0
Pants size: 8-9
Goal: 145LBS
Goal pants size: 5

Collapse )

All I ask for your first entry is your name, age, and what your goals are. You are by NO MEANS required to post your weight or post pictures, but please feel free to do so if you want! I am going to give about a week to aquire all of our members and then we can really get this ball moving! I hope to see this community flourish and to receive a lot of positive feedback!
I think this could be a great way to jump-start everyone's new year, if you have any questions at all feel free to e-mail me at or call me at 413-454-7341
Can't wait to get started!
-Chelsea, your friendly moderator. <3